Bug Off Pest Control 


Spider/Insect Treatment for your home. (up to 2500sqft)-$80

-Get a barrier around your home that kills spiders and other insects on contact! 

Wasp and Hornets Removal- $80

-Spray Treatment for Wasps and Hornets, ($20 additional for Hive Removal)  

Carpenter Ant Treatment- $175

-Get a full inspection and treatment for Carpenter Ants. Re-treatments may be required after the first treatment. $59  

Mice Control (3 bait stations) & Inspection- $95

-Get a full inspection of your rodent problem, with solutions how to avoid future infestations, & 3 bait stations to solve the current problem. Additional stations- $8, billed if necessary.

**All prices based on average infestation and average size homes. Additional Costs may be billed if additional treatments/products are necessary. Any additional treatments and or products will be discussed with client at the time of service and given the option to add on. 

Treatments for Roaches/Bed Bugs/Termites and other pests, need to be inspected before we can give you a price. 

Quarterly Treatments- $69

-Quarterly Sprays for Spiders and other Insects around your home and re-establish the barrier. $69 is after the first treatment priced at $80

Ready to schedule an appointment? You can select what treatments you need now, and then check out. We will call you within 24-48 hours to schedule the day and time! Booking made easy! 

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